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Permanent Holiday Lighting

One installation, year-round lighting

Looking for a smarter way to light up your home? Light Right Outdoor Lighting has a solution that gives you a programmable and controllable lighting system that can be used year-round. Celebright provides accent lighting that illuminates the property, offering beauty, increased security, curb appeal, and increased value to the property or business.


As authorized Celebright dealers, our team of professionals will proudly install this smart, exterior LED lighting system that is designed to stay up all year long. With colour-matched tracking, your lighting system will be invisible by day and brilliant by night. 


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Invisible by day, Brilliant at night

The primary driver of cost is how many linear feet of lighting is being installed. Each building presents its own installation challenges, so there’s no blanket answer for this. Estimates are free, and often we can get all the measurements we need from google maps. This means we can usually get an estimate back to you super quick!

We offer a 5 year warranty on parts and a 3 year warranty on labour.

Yes! You can set them to turn on and off at specific times and dates. For example, you could load your Halloween preset at 5pm and turn off at 1am on every Halloween for the next 20 years. The start and end time can also be set to follow the sunrise and sunset for your location and will follow that as it changes through the year.

Yes, all our products are certified for use anywhere in Canada and the United States. Our certification is ETL listed and conforms to UL Standard UL2108 and CSA Standard C22.2# 250.2. Our ETL Listing number is 5023546.

Yes they can! If a bulb goes out, we are able to replace that section of lights.

day night

16 million colours to choose from & hundreds of patterns to create the perfect light display. Or view the library of presets from other Celebright users!

Celebright’s lights are rated for 50,000 hours of use (that’s over 20 years at 6 hours of use every night!). Plus they are rated IP68, protecting them against even the harshest types of weather.

Your system can be controlled through a free app on any Android or iOS device. There is also a portal where it can be controlled from any web browser. This means you can control your lights from home, work, or even on vacation!



Celebright authorized dealer on dark 1790x624

Lighting for every season, every event at your fingertips

Light Right Outdoor Lighting is an Authorized Celebright dealer and installer. You can trust us to ensure your lighting system is set up professionally and efficiently. Your system will be invisible by day and brilliant at night, when it matters!

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